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Triple F Beard Lube


Triple F Beard Lube, Fragrance Free Formula

Why the term "Lube"?  This is what everyone else calls "beard butter".  But here at Lucky Boy, we like to be different.  Besides, our Beard Lube will help make your beard look so damn good, that everyone will say WOW when you walk into the room. 

Lucky Boy Beard Lube is made with all natural ingredients which help condition your beard adding moisture and promoting overall beard and skin health. Our beard lube reduces itching and flaking while promoting growth and leaving your beard soft with very little shine and a little bit of hold.  

Use it in place of beard oil, or as part of your beard care routine.  This is a great overnight product to use instead of a balm, so that there isn't any scent confusion if you want to use an oil the next morning.

What’s in our Beard Balms that makes them so good?


 Naturally refined Shea Butter

 Virgin Argon Oil

Golden Jojoba Oil

 Vitamin E Oil

 Sweet Almond Oil

 Apricot Kernel Oil

 Avocado Oil

 Pumpkin Seed Oil

 Meadowfoam Seed Oil

 Hempseed Oil

 Scents: Our scents are created with premium grade natural essential oils, never with synthetic fragrances. (no scent added for unscented product)

Note: Beard lube may liquify in extreme heat conditions, so if it’s hot where you are, we suggest putting it in the fridge for a day before using.

2 ounces

For external use only


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