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3 Simple Steps for Easy Beard Care

3 Simple Steps for Easy Beard Care

Is your beard itchy, flaky, or unkempt? A few simple beard maintenance tips can fix that. Let’s learn more!


Sure, all it takes to grow a beard is a bit of testosterone (and the right genetics). But taking proper care of that beard so it looks and feels good… Well, that’s another story!

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a “product” person. Hell, we don’t either.

But just like scrubbing your skin with soap or brushing your teeth with toothpaste, keeping a beard clean and healthy requires a bit of work. And despite what you might think, beard care isn’t complex or time-consuming. It’s pretty simple. If you want to grow a full and healthy beard without dealing with itchy, dry skin, flaking, split ends, or other issues, then these easy beard care tips are for you!

1.   Wash & Condition

Just like the hair and skin anywhere else on your body, you need to wash your beard—and the skin underneath it—regularly. Proper beard washing doesn’t just stave off itchy or dry skin. It also prevents clogged pores, ingrown hairs, and odor.

 In general, you should wash your beard two to three times per week. This becomes more important the longer and thicker your beard is. You don't want to wash it too often, however, because this can strip your beard hair of its natural oils. That said, every man’s beard is different, and some beardsmen prefer to wash daily. Once you begin washing your beard regularly, you’ll find a natural rhythm that works for you.

 To start, clean your beard with water. Then, rub in our all-natural, unscented beard wash. Once you’ve thoroughly massaged your beard with the wash, rinse the area clean with water. Next, massage beard conditioner into the bearded area. Leave it in for a minute or two, then rinse again with water. You can complete this washing process over a sink, but it’s also easy to do while you’re in the shower.

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2.   Rub it In, Comb it Out

Once you’re finished washing and conditioning your beard, comb it out to remove any major knots or tangles. Now, it’s time to apply beard oil. Beard oil prevents itch and flaking, nourishing both your beard and the skin underneath it. It’s a crucial step in the process of beard maintenance, and you should begin applying beard oil even when your beard is short to prevent issues as it grows out.

 There are a few ways to apply beard oil. Some prefer to apply it first to their hands (a dime-sized amount) and then rub it into the beard by hand, the same way you’d apply lotion. After you get the oil worked deep into the beard, use your beard comb to spread it out.

 Others (like Doc, our founder) like to apply their oil directly to the beard, using the built-in oil dropper. Simply put the dropper right up against the skin at the roots of your beard hair, then apply oil and slowly work outward, toward the tips, until your beard is fully covered.

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3.   Balm, Brush, and Shape

Some beardsmen stop after Step #2. And if all you’re looking to do is prevent itching, dryness, and flaking, then washing and a bit of beard oil will do just fine!


But if you’d like to shape your beard for a groomed appearance, then applying beard balm is the next step. Balm keeps your beard together, preventing flyaway hairs and the overall “unkempt” look that can be common for folks who grow a thick, bushy beard without any beard maintenance.


Scoop out a dime-sized amount of beard balm and rub it between your palms until it warms and liquefies. (Our beard balm contains naturally-refined shea butter and pure white beeswax to help hold and shape, so it needs to be worked with some body heat before you apply it.)


Once the balm is warmed and liquified, work it into the surface of your beard, gently rubbing and massaging to help the balm permeate the hair. Next, brush your beard out with a beard brush—ideally one with 100% natural boar bristles—to finish the job.

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4.   Kick Some Ass

Other beard care brands might stop after Step #3. You could say this next step is optional, but for us, it isn’t. That’s because wearing a beard isn’t just about how you look. A full, thick beard provides warmth in high winds and cold weather, cushions hard blows to the face, and protects your skin from sunlight. That’s why beards have been a sign of masculinity for thousands of years, in cultures across the globe. If you’re someone who works, plays, and lives hard, then wearing a full beard isn’t just an aesthetic choice. It’s practical.


It doesn’t matter what you’re stoked on. It might be backpacking, hunting, fishing, martial arts, riding motorcycles, climbing mountains, or something else. Once you get your beard clean, just get out there and kick some ass doing what you love.

Why Use Beard-Specific Products?

If you’re anything like us, you probably like to use as few body care products as possible. You’re too busy to care about stocking your bathroom with a ton of lotion and balms. We feel you. So if you’re wondering, “Why can’t I just use normal shampoo and conditioner on my beard?” We get it. It’s a valid question. After all, you use that stuff for the hair on your head, right?


Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Regular shampoo and conditioner are designed for the thicker, follicle-dense skin found on the top of your head. The skin on your face (under your beard) contains far fewer follicles and less sebum—the oil that coats your hair, helping it retain moisture.


So using normal shampoo and conditioner on your beard and face will remove these oils and dry out your skin. It can also weaken your hair roots, resulting in split ends and hair loss (meaning you may end up with the dreaded patchy beard)! Our beard wash and conditioner is specially formulated for beards and the skin underneath them. It’s designed to preserve these natural oils, while still cleaning your beard free of grime, dead skin, and bacteria.


So save yourself the hassle and discomfort of an itchy, dry, patchy beard by using a few simple beard care products, like beard wash, conditioner, and oil.

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